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May 9th, 2023
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November 17th, 2023
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November 17th, 2023

Offering Overview


Slink It is a disruptive retail sales technology. Slink It gives brands real-time direct marketing and earnings from viewers on-demand purchases from media, without the use of a QR code and without interrupting the program. 


Connected directly to media - “Buy a product you see on media in real-time.”

See above for app imagery from seeing a jean jacket in a movie to hitting the red trigger button and purchasing the jacket.




We are on a mission to make every movie and television program a viable marketing opportunity with an option to purchase the products and services shown on the programs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on every channel, worldwide…all in real-time.


We have a vision to turn every viewable network channel into a retail store in the US and Globally. 




Seize the one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest and become part of Slink It! By investing now you will be investing in technology that will evolve the way people shop.

  • Slink It is the “First in World History” to grant millions of viewers access to product and service information, and to provide the opportunity to purchase those products and services in real-time while they watch the movie or TV show without the use of a QR code and without interrupting the program.
  • Slink It provides studios, TV networks, film production and distribution companies an alternative way to monetize their content.
  • Slink It allows brands to sell items in bulk to millions of viewers at home, in hotels, in the bars, or in the theater.
  • Slink It now gives people access to instantly find accurate and detailed product information, as well the option to instantly buy the products.


Your investment will help us accelerate growth and build our team to manage more TV shows and movies.



We will focus on securing licensing agreements with the countless studios, TV networks, movie production and distribution companies. 


We will also focus on securing product placement agreements with brands.


Describe the problem you are solving and how and why that problem is painful.

People that want items shown on TV shows and movies have no way to purchase the items they see without using a QR code, pausing the video or interrupting the program, or spending hours searching the internet for the items. Brands miss out on sales opportunities and sales attribution from the products and services viewed on TV shows and in movies.


People, brands, and content creators face challenges with the current four solutions for content monetization in television shows, video advertisement, and movies. 

  1. QR codes: The first challenge with QR codes is that they get in the way of a program, causing a distraction. Another issue is the viewer reaction time: from when a viewer realizes they want to engage with a QR code and getting their phone out quickly enough to scan the code. A third challenge with QR codes is that they can be sensitive with the distance and the angle at which they are scanned.
  2. Pausing the program: People prefer to watch television without interruptions like pausing. At the same time directors, producers, TV networks and movie production companies don’t want their program to be paused for shopping. For example, a family or group of friends watching a movie or TV show might not want the program interrupted for only one person to shop. 
  3. Internet search for items: The challenges with searching the internet for a product or service of interest is that it’s inefficient and there is a risk of accuracy of the item of interest. People can spend hours searching and find a lot of similar looking items or brands rather than the exact item of interest. 
  4. Sales attribution: Brands cannot accurately quantify the cost to place products on television shows and movies. Brands are unlikely to include product placement in their marketing budget because there is no way to attribute sales of a lamp, shirt, or shoes from a movie or TV show.



You like it, you want it, Slink It!

Gives TV networks, studios, film production, and distribution companies an alternative way to monetize their content.

Slink It utilizes patented technology through mobile devices that allows viewers to purchase items from television shows, movies, and commercials in real-time without the use of a QR code or without interrupting the viewing of the show. In other words, without pausing the television show The technology allows brands to sell items in bulk to millions of viewers at home 24/7 on every channel at home, at a hotel, at a bar, or in the theater.

Slink It is revolutionizing retail shopping and product placement as brands can now quantify the cost and return on investment by placing items in movies or shows and earn money in real-time from the purchases.

Slink It is disrupting the current advertising and product placement model by eliminating random searches and replacing them with instant access to the products by a push of a button.

You Like It, You want It,Slink It!! 


Slink It will become the “First in World History” where millions of viewers will have access to product information and the opportunity to purchase those products in real-time while they watch the movie or TV show, without interruption. 


Achievement & Traction

We have raised $2.4 million dollars from family and friends to build the technology to date. 

We have since signed a 3-year 20-movie deal with Latigo Films and we are working on signing more studios and movie production companies.

We launched the app in a theatrical world movie premiere on May 5, 2023 and across digital platforms on May 9, 2023 and we continue to add more movies and TV shows.

The Slink It app has 100’s of downloads and sixteen five-star reviews.

BET’s The Breakfast Club interviewed Mack Craft, CEO and Founder of Slink It, and David Lipper, Movie Producer of Latigo Films, reaching millions of viewers:




We are in the advertisement and retail shopping industry which is a $7+ trillion-dollar a year market in the USA alone.1

Product sales from television: QVC earned revenue of $11.3 Billion in 2021. Earning a potential 47 to 49 percent from every product sold on television.2, 3

In 2021, U.S. ad revenue reached close to 304 billion U.S. dollars. Over the past decade, excluding 2020 when the advertising market was reorganized due to the coronavirus outbreak, advertising revenue in the United States has been constantly growing.4

Our new niche gives consumers the option to purchase directly from media in real-time without a QR code and without disputing the program. There will be a demand for product placement with this new niche technology. Brands have the opportunity to sell out their entire inventory within hours. Consumers receive detailed product and services information in real-time on media and the best part of Slink It is that it is the first in world history to provide viewers with interactive purchasing.





  1. QVC - They had a total revenue of $11.3B in 2021.1
    1. QVC is one channel
    2. Slink It has the capability to give consumers the option to purchase items on every channel and from television commercials
  2. Magnite -
    1. They are in advertising only.
    2. Slink It is in direct sales.
  3. Pubmatic -
    1. They are in traditional advertising only. 
    2. Slink It is in direct sales.
  4. Google Lens - only works on a still image and it’s not 100% accurate. 
    1. Slink It works on all videos and it has the capability to be 100% accurate.
  5. Television Commercials - gives consumers a broad overview on product and services of what they are selling.
    1. Slink It not only allows viewers to view product and services information in detail, but it also gives consumers the option to purchase these items and services in real-time or it gives viewers the option to add these items and services to their shopping cart to purchase later.





Business Model

Revenue streams:

  1. Advertising and Marketing
  2. Media advertising
  3. Product Placement
  4. Retail Shopping
  5. Ecommerce


Slink It earns a 1% to 20% commission from everything purchased and we earn commissions from clicks.

Slink It receives a retainer from brands to place products into movies and TV shows.

Celebrities will earn money from the sale of their items worn on TV shows and movies.


Mack Craft - Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

A strong visionary, creator, and the driving force behind the Slink It concept.


Bryan Dunbar - Chief Technology Officer

Brings over 20 years of software experience and over 9 years as a CTO with a special focus on Broadcasting.



Joe Webb - Board Member (Corporate Attorney)

Brings over 30 years in the practice of law with experience in a breadth of practice areas.


Becca Wood - Head of Marketing

Brings over 12 years of strategic marketing experience from startups to Fortune 200 companies.


Eula Adams, CPA, MBA - Advisor (Special Advisor to the CEO)

Advises on strategy, platform technology, payments integration, financial model, and capital structure.


Leslie Maskin - Advisor (TV Networks, Studios, Movie Production Companies, Producers, Directors, Celebrities)

Brings 30+ years of experience driving communication and media relation strategies and negotiating multi-million-dollar contracts.



Doc Wynter - Advisor (Celebrities, National Exposure)

Brings 30+ years of experience in management and programming strategy with celebrity artists.


Chauncey Billups - Advisor (Sports, Celebrities, Partnerships)

Nationally recognized sports personality with networks to develop partnerships within the NBA.


David Lipper - Advisor (Movie Production Companies, Producers, Directors, Actors, Actresses)

Executive producer, film maker, writer, and actor with over 70 credits in film and television.



BJ Moore - Advisor (Microsoft Cloud and AI Technology)

Leader in the Artificial Intelligence space with experience in technology for commercial commerce business ecosystem.



Benjamin Ray - Advisor (Start-ups, Marketing)

Launched and grew 25+ startups as both an owner/operator, and acts a counsel to HNWI, founders, and entrepreneurs.


Komal Ram - Advisor

Human Resources professional bringing 12+ years of experience in leading and supporting top-performing teams.



Mark Boyer - Board Member - HR/Recruiting

Entrepreneur, U.S. Marine veteran, and Human Resource professional with 30 years of experience.

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